The Gender Fluidity

Gender is one of the main structuring principles of social life. However, for a few years now, we have witnessed, particularly among young people, a questioning of this traditional dichotomy, a shift in female and male roles, an asserted desire to escape codes.

The “no gender” trend, born a few years ago, finds its extension in the “gender fluid” movement, which advocates a changing, plural identity.

Selon un sondage YouGov pour l’Obs, 14% des 18-44 ans ne se retrouvent pas complètement dans cette binarité, se considérant ainsi comme « non binaires », estimant n’avoir plus besoin des étiquettes homme et femme pour se définir, et voient la remise en cause de la binarité de genre comme « une question d’égalité ».

How to understand this identity struggle which is part of a much broader movement? Linked to a new culture of modernity, to a culture of autonomy and of all subjectivities, it is an opportunity to wonder what founds the masculine and the feminine, to question representations, stereotypes, borders between masculinity and femininity.

Beyond a societal change, this profound change is investing in several industries and brands must now familiarize themselves with new identity ideals and the representation of gender.

Il s’agit donc de comprendre l’importance, pour la GenZ notamment, du passage vers un avenir tout en fluidité. La personnalité et l’identité comptent davantage que le sexe. Les valeurs et les modes de vie passent au premier plan, faisant de valeurs telles que l’individualité et de l’authenticité de véritables leviers pour les marques.

Our report “The Gender Fluidity” deciphers this trend and this opportunity for brands to connect with these new generations that they have such a hard time grasping.

This Study Report includes:

  • – An analysis of the main international studies
  • – Content based on insights & data
  • – Un Management Summary
  • – A written report, as well as a PowerPoint presentation

At the request of our customers, we adapt this report according to the business sectors and include personalized recommendations.

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