Meet Generation Y

Understanding the values, tastes, emotions, codes and behaviors of GenY is essential to grasp the new consumption dynamics at work, adapt its strategy and lay the foundations for actions that will attract the next generation, Generation Z .

Pink Brain helps you innovate while taking into account its codes and culture.
This approach is all the more essential if we consider that, through intergenerational porosity, some of their consumption behaviors infuse society as a whole and are gradually adopted by the generations that precede them.

The dominant values of the moment are precisely those of this generation. We are living in a time of convergence of generations.

Pink Brain offers a Study Report dedicated to the decoding of this generation, which alone embodies and boosts the transformations at work in society, with the objective of shedding light on its importance and helping you to innovate by taking into account of its codes and its culture.

What is their value system, their state of mind? Which consumers are they? What are their attitudes and expectations towards brands? How to attract and retain Generation Y? What connection mechanisms are envisaged to attract them?

This Study Report includes:

  • – An analysis of the main international studies
  • – Content based on insights & data
  • – Un Management Summary
  • – A written report, as well as a PowerPoint presentation

At the request of our customers, we adapt this report according to the business sectors and include personalized recommendations.

5'500 CHF