Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Pink Brain is an independent consultancy specializing in the analysis of societal and consumer trends.

In a changing world, we alert, we advise, we support companies from different industries in their understanding of the time and consumers.

Convinced that the brands of tomorrow will have to embody a vision and a new sense of leadership, our mission is to help them remain as unique and relevant as possible thanks to strategies in line with emerging trends and behaviors.

To do this, we analyze the developments and challenges at the heart of the lives of individuals and consumers, we identify the most relevant trends for our customers and translate them into opportunities in terms of market, targets, brand strategy, new uses, products, services and experiences.

Thanks to an involved team of experts, we combine our understanding of societal changes, brand issues, changes in consumer behavior and new uses to support companies in the development of their marketing and marketing strategies, digital or creative.

Pink Brain benefits from an international network of experts based in Paris, Milan, London, Copenhagen, New York, Singapore, San Paolo and Kuwait City to spot emerging trends.

Each client is different. We adapt ourselves while guaranteeing you a strategic vision, an operational approach and an academic knowledge.

Since 2016, we are proud to have been able to collaborate with clients from a wide variety of sectors from FinTech, PropTech, players in luxury, finance, real estate, Retail, catering, education and culture.

The Pink Brain Bureau is headed by its founder Emmanuelle Chatenet. A graduate from Lausanne and Geneva universities in Art History, Sociology and Human Rights, passionate about the analysis of societal changes, her vocation is to instill in the business world the capacity to renew itself in combining analytical and creative power.

Her in-depth knowledge of the corporate world, she acquired during her previous career in the fields of marketing, brand communication, design and product development.

In 2016, she founded the Pink Brain company with the objective to combine strategy and operations in an original, daring, forward-looking approach where reflection and analysis come to nourish intuition and creation.

Beginning of 2020, she opened her blog in Bilan Magazine, the Swiss economy reference for the past 30 years. She deciphers the zeitgeist in order to decode the trends and behaviors that are emerging.

Début 2021, Emmanuelle Chatenet et Pascale Brousse, fondatrice de Trend Sourcing, unissent leurs forces et leurs expertises, afin d’offrir aux sociétés suisses du secteur cosmétique des prestations de services fortement créatrices de valeur, ainsi que du conseil stratégique.

« Il est déterminant de comprendre de quoi demain sera fait car aujourd’hui ce sont les consommateurs qui donnent le ton. »

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