About Seniors

While all eyes are on generations Y and Z, for which brands redouble their investment and creativity, seniors sometimes seem to be the forgotten ones. If certain consumer behaviors and certain values attributed to Millennials infuse society as a whole, seniors are on the way to transforming the economy and taking power.

The figures speak for themselves: according to a McKinsey study, 60% of the increase in world consumption by 2030 will be generated by people aged 60 and over and, according to the United Nations, there will be more than 2 billion people over the age of 60 by 2050.

Having benefited from decades of strong economic growth and historically high performance on their financial investments, seniors today benefit from significant purchasing power, free time, numerous leisure activities and spend not only on themselves, but also for their family. This “silver economy” creates multiple opportunities for companies and brands.

The "Silver" concept actually brings together several generations which today have evolved lifestyles, needs and behaviors.
Consumers and active travelers, connected to the present, mastering digital and social networks, hedonistic but anxious to preserve their health, seniors are claiming their new power of influence from brands. Now proudly displaying their white hair, seniors have become true sources of inspiration for the most agile brands.

Our “About Seniors” report invites you to understand what are the main characteristics of this class of consumers. What are their aspirations, beliefs, motivations for buying? How to rethink their representations, as well as the marketing segmentations? What are the keys to seducing them?

This Study Report includes:

  • – An analysis of the main international studies
  • – Content based on insights & data
  • – Un Management Summary
  • – A written report, as well as a PowerPoint presentation

At the request of our customers, we adapt this report according to the business sectors and include personalized recommendations.

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