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Pink Brain is a consultancy specializing in lifestyle and consumption shifts.

We inspire companies in their reflections on the future to better position themselves in tomorrow’s world.

Trend Spotting
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Brand strategy

Data and creativity are at the heart of all our thinking.

In this fast-changing world, we identify and synthesize germing evolutions in the society, offer keys to understanding to help brands stay in step with emerging trends and new behaviors.


Our Trends Reports inform you about macro, societal and sectoral trends and provide you with reliable data to make the right decisions.

What major trends will shape the world of tomorrow? What are the carrier currents, the emerging desires? How will technologies evolve? What are the new expectations of individuals and consumers? We identify paradigm shifts and reveal their meaning to you.


We conceive of our analyzes as a working tool that makes your daily life easier and allows you to identify how to attract and retain your targets and which connection mechanisms to set up thanks to quickly actionable content (data, insights, drivers).

We conceive of our analyzes as a working tool that makes your daily life easier and allows you to identify how to attract and retain your targets and which connection mechanisms to set up thanks to quickly actionable content (data, insights, drivers).


Our consumer attitudes and behaviors analyzes help you see the world through the eyes of your customers and understand changes in culture, markets and brands so you can target consumers more effectively.

Who are your current and future consumers? What do they think, what do they feel, what do they buy? While the relationships between brands and consumers have been reversed, what new relationship balance can be imagined to build a lasting bond? We help you gain a deep understanding of what drives their behaviors to enable you to create brands, strategies, products and marketing that resonate with consumers.


We support companies in choosing the strategic directions essential to their development.

Our recommendations highlight the key success factors for tomorrow, as well as the levers for business and image growth. Our age, overwhelmingly intellectually and creatively challenging, calls on all of us to link action to idea. The many economic, ecological and identity challenges must push brands to innovate, no longer with low noise, but to boldly embark on the path of societal rebalancing by carrying out bold projects to tame the future.

Operations Management

Our recommendations can give rise to projects whose management can be entrusted to us if our customers wish.

Our operational experience and our pragmatic approach allow us to support brands in the implementation of their strategies, whether they are marketing, digital or creative.


Consumers, in search of meaning, experiences and authentic values, require brands to understand what the new consumer expectations are and quickly adapt their communication strategies

Convinced that tomorrow’s brands will have to embody a vision and a new sense of leadership, we help them to enhance their “soft power”, to seduce them with their vision, values and commitments. In a field with a high demand for astonishment and renewal, we are consulted to reconnect brands with an immediate future thanks to innovative strategies.


Inventing a new form of power through an outreach strategy also means betting on opening up to new territories.

Pink Brain offre à ses clients l’opportunité de se reconnecter au monde de la culture de façon plus durable et de se rapprocher d’artistes et de créateurs de tous horizons. Nous aidons les marques à entrer en contact avec leurs communautés et à créer des liens durables en développant des partenariats innovants, des collaborations artistiques, des collections capsule. Depuis le décryptage des tendances, des préférences esthétiques émergentes jusqu’à la stratégie éditoriale et au plan d’activation, nous offrons une solution globale pour maximiser l’impact.

We work at a strategic or operational level and support brands from different business sectors.


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